You will learn to design products and services that go from idea to implementation.

Empathy-building: collecting user data, building personas, user testing. Storytelling: videography, pitching. Conceptual Design: problem-framing, ideation, form-giving, brainstorming.


Positioning: Competitive analysis, pricing. Financials: Profit and loss statements, budgeting, business plans. Marketing: Networking, advertising, promotion


Prototyping: building to answer questions, physical, electronic, UX. Fabrication: Shop experience, code-writing. Versioning: Right-sizing, letting go, iteration.


Leadership: having hard conversations, performance management. Project management: Goal-setting, planning work. Creative confidence: open mindset, emotional learning.


Context: history of design, appreciation of design perspectives. Respect: ethics, human subject procedures. Sustainability: impact of projects, system-level view.


Analysis: quantitative data analysis, human subject experiment designDepth: Expert knowledge in trackResearch: literature review, hypothesis forming and testing.

Welcome to the Loft
This special space fosters a culture of creativity and exploration that is central to the program.

The Loft is the space reserved on campus for the Master’s students in the Design Impact Program. Officially know on campus maps as Building 610, the Loft is adjacent to the Product Realization Lab and centrally located on campus near the Tressider Student Union, at the corner of Duena and Santa Teresa Streets. This special space fosters a culture of creativity and exploration that is central to our program. The Loft is so named because the original space was “borrowed” from the attic of the old ME Foundry building.

From the Loftees
Welcome to the Loft, the mothership of the world’s greatest summer camp, the most excellent loophole in higher education and, indeed more literally, the four antique-brick walls that put a loose box around a tight tinkering of misfit genius.

We are electrified to know that you’ve taken an interest in our more than 50-year-old creative community, embodied by our studio in the heart of Stanford’s campus. Our motto, said often, includes but one word: Design.

The rogue interpretation of that single word is made in an assortment of unique ways by its inhabitants, the Loftees. Each given a cubby-hole of creativity, Loftees inquire into the nature of materials and light, build spaceships, endeavor into experimental living, place electronics where none had gone before, cultivate “the Force,” and far more! An allergy to normalcy and an instinctual, life-long mistrust of the beaten path has led creative folks to this small building for, now, many generations. Those generations who come back to teach and share what they learn in the broad world round out the Loft as truly a meeting house for a band of wildly differently yet empathetic artisans.
     In the Loft, there is no “program” in design, but rather an open space for it.